Things to do and see

The Windmill Museum

The Windmill Museum
Photo:  Andy Bytheway

The Fred Turner Windmill Museum is well worth a visit, there is a display of early artifacts in the barn, as well as this magnificent collection of water pumping windmills. It is located very close to the town centre and at the entrance there are instructions as to how to obtain guided access according to the day of the week.

The flowers

The spring flowers
Photo:  Gezina Louw

In spring (remember that in the Southern Hemisphere spring is in August and September) the wild flowers are glorious.  One quickly learns though that you are best served by this glory when you are driving SOUTH, because the flowers turn to face the sun in the NORTH.  Confused?  Think about it for a short while!

The Waterfall

The Waterfall south of Loerisfontein
Photo:  Damien du Toit

This waterfall is situated a few miles south of Loeriesfontein;  the fall measures about 90 metres from the opening in the rock to the pool below.  There are toilet and parking facilties here, and well marked paths that are a delight to wander.   

The Aloe forest

The Aloe "forest"
Photo:  Andy Bytheway

In the same area as the Waterfall is an area covered with Aloe (Quiver) trees, well worth a visit if you are passing by.

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